Communicating the value of the Business Events and Meetings Industry: IMEX Politicians Forum

“How do I attract more meetings and events to my destination?”

That was the central theme of the 2015 IMEX Politicians Forum held during IMEX in Frankfurt earlier this year as the annual gathering once again brought a group of politicians and meetings industry leaders from all over the world to share insights into the valuable contribution of the meetings industry to the development of knowledge economies.
A complete summary of the discussion is now available, along with interviews from leading participants.

This year’s Forum provided politicians with an insight into and appreciation of how the benefits from meetings and events go beyond tourism revenue. It showed that by reaching into the fields of science, technology, education and regional commerce, the benefits are wide ranging and broadly integral to the economic development of a country, region or city.
Moderator Michael Hirst OBE summed up what destinations want to gain from investment in the meetings industry: “All of you,” he concluded, “are seeking sustainable solutions to strong economic development.”

“We are planning a number of innovations for the IMEX 2016 Politicians Forum. The most important of these is the integration of the City and Regional Level Master Classes. In response to politicians’ feedback, these sessions will be firmly at the heart of the programme, giving attendees a chance to tailor the Politicians Forum exactly to their interests. Sessions are intended to be highly interactive with groups who share a common interest discussing topics such as Infrastructure and Investment, Measuring and Reporting and Destination Branding in an informal environment – hosts will be cherry picked by IMEX based on their capacity to share a case study of best practice on each particular topic. The National Level Discussion, Chaired by Hon. Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Iceland will address the topics of Infrastructure and Investment and Government Cohesion.”
Debbie Woodbridge, Manager | Political Advocacy, The IMEX Group

The next IMEX Politicians Forum takes place on Tuesday April 19, 2016 at IMEX in Frankfurt.

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Please watch and share this powerful video to re-enforce the beyond tourism benefits of hosting meetings and events

Advancing awareness of the Meetings Industry and the benefits it creates

Another recommendation arising from JMIC is a need for a guide to using value information effectively in communications aimed at advancing awareness of the industry and the benefits it creates. This Guide is available here for free download by industry members as is a companion piece – the JMIC Meetings Industry Guide to Community and Government Relations – which provides details on the development of communications strategies specifically for this industry.