ECM Advantage

ECM’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is that it is the only organization to work with both the leisure and meetings industry and city marketing. This is undoubtedly a strength.

The “glue” that holds members and the association together is the dynamic of the City and ECM believes in the vision that “everyone in the city sells the city.” This includes the meetings industry, the leisure industry, politicians and other parties. We are stronger by focusing on the city in a holistic manner and working together.

ECM is committed to give equal benefit and profile to members from the meetings and leisure industry and those interested in city marketing. These interests are linked to the City and the metropolitan area and it is this that provides the “glue” that holds ECM together and makes it unique.

ECM acts in a marketing-orientated, member-orientated manner, anticipating members’ future needs in a fast-changing and challenging global and European market-place by focusing on competitiveness.

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