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“City Fair provided a fresh approach to promoting European destinations to the operators, with a healthy mix of tourist boards and other key suppliers”, said Paul Wagner, Purchasing Director at Travel Plaza Europe.
“This was extremely useful for the product teams to discuss business opportunities with a real destination focus. It was a really valuable day.”
City tourist boards showcased many new accommodation options, attractions and initiatives. Larger cities took several tables for all their partners; 14 in the case of Paris.
“We and our partners found the fair very exciting and useful. It was well-organised and well-conceived, offering a wide range of opportunities to network and do business”, said Eugenio Raez of Paris Ile-de-France Tourist Board.
Meanwhile, smaller niche and emerging destinations were able to promote new ideas to a broad range of long and short-haul operators.“It was a great appointment system and very efficient format”, said Susanne Hoeller of Graz Tourismus.
If you are a hotel, attraction or tourism provider and you would like to attend the event, make sure your city doesn’t miss out.
For more information contact Laura Baggio

What is City Fair?

City Fair is a one day event of pre-scheduled appointments dedicated to the lucrative and growing sector of city tourism organised by ETOA and ECM.

It combines ETOA’s long track record in running highly-targeted workshops with ECM’s expertise in city marketing. ETOA’s tour operator members alone represent a combined buying power of over €5 billion, while ECM has a membership of more than 100 cities.

This is a unique opportunity for European city tourist boards and their suppliers to meet, network and conduct business with tour operators and city product developers from all over the world.

Why attend City Fair?

  • City tourist boards and suppliers (such as hotels and attractions)
Participate as an exhibitor to gain competitive advantage for your destination, and to meet with operators, whose business represents both high volume and niche sectors from Europe and all major long-haul markets.
  • Tour operators
Participate as a buyer to consolidate your existing programmes, to keep abreast of the latest developments in European cities and source new product for your city tours. Attendance is free of charge for buyers.
For more information please contact ETOA:

Exhibitor enquiries – Laura Baggio –
Buyer enquiries – Nick Greenfield –
ECM (European Cities Marketing) – Flavie Baudot –