ECM Benchmarking Report Cover 2015 2016 RVB12th edition: Figures from more than 100 European cities

The ECM Benchmarking report shows the latest figures about the performance of European Cities in 2015 and illustrates the main trends in city tourism between 2011 and 2015 from 121 European cities.
  • The triumph of the cities in Europe
  • The latest performance, development & benchmark of European cities: number of international & domestic bednights.
  • The most attractive cities for visitors from China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, UK or the USA
  • The factors that influenced tourism in 2015 from international city tourism experts
  • The latest developments and forecasts of tourism demand in Europe
  • City Tourism Trends 2015 for total bednights, international bednights, and bednights in 9 markets
  • ECM Forecast for 2016
  • Tourism density in European cities
PageLines- BannerBenchmarkingReportOrdernow20152016June2016.jpgThe 12th edition of the Benchmarking Report provides a vital perspective on the volume of urban tourism in Europe, enabling individual city destinations to chart trends and to bench­mark themselves in terms of volume and other parameters, especially key source markets. It presents compelling evidence of the economic significance of contemporary urban tourism. Put simply, cities are the dominant geographical focus of European tourism, especially the lucrative (and therefore much sought after!) short break and congress and/or conventions segments.

Here find the leaflet describing what you will find in the ECM Benchmarking Report:

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