A New Tomorrow


ECM wants to continue to empower the conversation during this unprecedented situation with a new initiative, “A New Tomorrow”.

The purpose is to share ideas and challenges, find inspiration in new practice and different approaches, and envision together with all of our members, a new future of destinations rebuilt and conventions reimagined to meet new traveler preferences and behaviour, a new tomorrow of DMOs repurposed.

Insight, research, analysis and benchmarking form a critical part of the capability and the potential of the association. By providing data, cities can benchmark themselves in terms of their performance in the Meetings Industry, their finance and sponsorship structures and their bednights and spend amongst other things. For the 50% of our members who do not have their own research departments, ECM can provide a unique and essential source of information and it will prioritise this activity within budget constraints.

Watch short extracts from conversations with #CEOs from European #DMOs on the challenges we are all facing now!

Although we could not meet, we had a very intense year in terms of interaction and a significant amount of knowledge exchanged. It is of utmost importance to discuss all together at a strategic level where the role of our DMOs is shifting to. The current crisis is accelerating existing well-known trends and we also need to go beyond to reimagine together the crucial role DMOs can take in reinventing the whole industry, and the role they can play in shaping how cities are looking at tourism. Collectively, we will explore some new innovative strategies, all linked to DMOs future roles, business models, etc.

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