ECM-MKG European Destinations Observatory
March 10, 2018

ECM-TCI Research City Sentiment Index

TCI Research is an independent UNWTO-Awarded Business Intelligence agency leading in international destination competitive analysis. Through its reference TRAVELSAT© research solution, it provides 100+ public and private players of the visitor economy with innovative and standard metrics combining surveys with controlled Big Data analysis focusing on the visitor experience, destination brand and reputation and resident sentiment.

TCI Research provides ECM member cities with regular reports on City Sentiment. With the City Sentiment Index report, using a social listening analytic protocol specially designed for ECM, TCI Research analysts consolidates reputation insights, converting 1+ million of content crunched from all social platforms into actionable KPIs and inspiring insights for cities. The partnership with ECM enables destinations across Europe to monitor the reputation pulse of cities and understand what drive their reputation.


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