10th City Cards Expert Meeting 2021, Genoa

    10th City Cards Expert Meeting 2021, Genoa

    Aerial view of old town and port with cranes at night, Genoa, Italy.

    June 3, 2021 – June 4, 2021 all-day
    Pauline Froger


    Join us for the 10th ECM City Cards Expert Meeting that will be held in Genoa on June 3-4, 2021.

    Our broad approach will include presentations and discussions on latest product developments, successful partnerships, innovating marketing strategies and much more.

    Our lunch-to-lunch event provides you with a unique opportunity:

    • to meet and network with European colleagues managing city cards schemes,
    • to share knowledge and insights to stay ahead of the latest market trends & anticipate customers’ needs,
    • and to grow your business as well as strengthen your professional expertise.

    This event is open to ECM members only, specifically to tourism professionals working on city cards schemes (Product Managers, Project Leaders, Marketing Managers…) who are looking to improve – but also share – their knowledge with other participants.



    • The participants’ city must be an existing ECM member and already be running a city card scheme.
    • Participants themselves must be directly working on or managing an established city card scheme.
    • For City Cards Project 2021 members, participation is free for the first delegate. Extra delegates will be charged a participation fee, with a maximum of 2 delegates per city in total.
    • For ECM members who are not part of the City Cards Project 2021, the attendance is limited to 1 person per city with a participation fee.


    Please note:

    • Lunches on June 3 and 4, dinner on June 3, as well as coffee breaks are included.
    • The attendance is limited to 60 people !
    • Your participation fee does not cover accommodation or transport.

    For more information about the City Cards Project, please contact ECM Head Office.