“A New Tomorrow” – Sixth Webinar

    “A New Tomorrow” – Sixth Webinar

    A multidimensional crisis of changing travel restrictions and DMO financial challenges


    On Wednesday September 16 at 2PM (CET), we will host a sixth webinar as part of the “A New Tomorrow” communication series. In a focused session, some of our partners will share their newest insights and data to help our members navigate the current crisis.


    Here is what you can expect:

    Petra Stusek, ECM President: introduction


    Olivier Ponti, Vice President of Insights, ForwardKeys:

    “2 steps forward and 3 steps back” is the feeling many have reported from this summer of opening up and closing back down. But how does it reflect in people’s willingness to travel? Olivier Ponti, Vice President of Insights with ForwardKeys will give us an overview of a summer in the shadow of a global pandemic and help us understand what patterns of recovery that are already there today, can perhaps help us prepare for #aNewTomorrow?


    Peter Rømer Hansen, co-founder, Group NAO:

    Budget cuts, furloughs, downsizing – the new 2020 funding survey of ECM members shows that European city DMOs are hard hit on their funding, both from private and public sources. Peter Rømer Hansen, partner in Group NAO, will share these “fresh off the press” results, indicating a multidimensional financial crisis that may challenge the long-term task of rebuilding the tourism and visitor economy.


    Geerte Udo, CEO, amsterdam&partners:

    For years, Amsterdam has been a story of tourism success. First in terms of growth, later in adapting to a new paradigm, rethinking its approach and strategy to ensure a balanced visitor economy with happy locals and a thriving society. In April, the city launched the Doughnut vision as a response to the pandemic crisis and to guide recovery. Geerte Udo, CEO of Amsterdam & Partners will join us to share her perspective on the current situation and the future to come. How has Geerte and her organisation been navigating this challenging and changing landscape of the pandemic? And looking ahead, how does she see a future role for Amsterdam & Partners in the economic recovery of Amsterdam and how tourism fits into the “doughnut vision”?


    Please note that this webinar is available to ECM members only.