Annual Meeting of Chief Executives Capital & Major Cities 2021, Madrid

    Annual Meeting of Chief Executives Capital & Major Cities 2021, Madrid

    November 28, 2021 – November 30, 2021 all-day
    ECM Head Office



    Even while case numbers are again on the rise in Europe, we all sense a shift in focus and priority. Now again, borders are opening, travel resuming – even the events industry seems to slowly return with in-person events and conventions. The ‘momentum’ of the pandemic crisis to reimagine tourism, to talk about how to build back better, is being replaced by the urgency of actual action. The moment of change was underlined with an unprecedented visibility of tourism at the COP26 and the more than 300 signatories to the Glasgow Declaration, calling for climate action in tourism. Key word is action. The big moments pass (whether pandemic or COP26) and in their place, movement can make change. The question is no longer how will we change the future of tourism and destinations, the question is what are we doing to make it happen? As leaders of forward- thinking European city destinations, we all play a key role in changing the narrative of tourism to one of positive impact and contribution, shifting from notion to motion.

    We will share and discuss with other leaders what action looks like and what challenges of change, we might be better off facing together.


    Upon invitation ONLY. Participants are Capital and European cities featured in the TOP 25 of ECM Benchmarking report 2021

    For more information and programme, contact ECM Head Office