ECM Autumn Conference, Online

    ECM Autumn Conference, Online

    This is not a tourism conference….


    … but very much a conference for you. Why? – because we constantly need to remind ourselves to look outside our own industry echo chamber – reinforced by our SoMe news feeds, by our inboxes, the reports we read, the articles we share, and in the tourism conferences, where we meet.

    At the ECM Online Autumn Conference, September 23-24 2021, we are deliberately exposing and challenging ourselves and our colleagues to seek inspiration from both within and beyond the industry – for purpose, for understanding of challenges and possibilities ahead, and for exploring the broader needs of our destinations and cities.

    This may not be a tourism conference, as we know it, but it is a conference for all of you. Join us for two immersive days: explore decarbonization and what this means to tourism and the role of DMOs, learn about new technologies to push forward tourism transformation, or to reimagine the business models of events. Engage in discussions around tourism and stereotypes, or how to develop more accountable tourism and participatory destination management. Make sense of your cities – or simply sense them in new ways. This and much more together with our +60 speakers and facilitators in formats like Outside-Incomers and Frameworkers, or when zooming into our Horizones and buckling up for Fasterclasses, Disasterclasses and high energy Cross-inspires, or while seeking inspiration numerous Case Clubs presented by ECM member cities.

    The ECM Online Autumn Conference  on September 23 – 24, 2021, is live and virtual for everyone – with virtually every opportunity for you to customise your own route through the two days of programme, sensemaking experiences and more than 70 speakers.