ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2017, Dubrovnik

    ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2017, Dubrovnik

    European Cities Marketing
    May 31, 2017 – June 3, 2017 all-day
    Hotel Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik
    Ul. Iva Dulčića 34
    20000, Dubrovnik
    Katy Schmitt


    European Cities Marketing proudly presents a toploaded program for the ECM International Conference where Europe’s city marketers and tourism professionals meet industry thought leaders and leading tourism academics from around the globe to debate and strategise the new normal in urban travel and tourism.

    In association with our knowledge partner MODUL University and in cooperation with CELTH and the European Tourism Futures Institute (EFTI), the ECM International Conference will give you a full three-day conference of exclusive networking and cherry-picking of deep insights, carefully curated updates on the latest new research and issues changing urban travel.

    Together, we share the belief that the new normal is at once both creative and destructive. As travel and tourism professionals, we need to realise that constant change is the only constant. Looking back over the past decade, our travel markets have become digital and global. Consumers have moved to mobile. Lean business models and new types of aircrafts have boosted the connectivity of our cities. Global OTAs, booking platforms and advertising by data analytics has conquered consumers attention along with the media spend of our industry. A new affluent middle class of consumers from vast emerging markets has checked in to a lifestyle of global travel, as have millions of consumers with logins on Airbnb, Instagram, Facebook and Weibo, where most travels begin and end. Finally, and sadly, terrorism has shown its ugly face and deep impact on urban travel and tourism throughout Europe.
    Only now are we beginning to understand urban travel and tourism as one global marketplace under constant disturbance. As DMOs, we navigate in a network of connected cities with an ever growing exchange of visitors seeking to become temporary locals, with seamless sharing of great moments and ideas of the good life, with manifold celebrations and urban events manifesting the popular identity of the city, with surging exports of entrepreneurial creations and commercial concepts ranging from intelligent city bikes and Michelin-stared restaurants to lifestyle hotels. The new normal in urban tourism is a wonderland of opportunities, but it can also be a no man’s land for the DMOs that can’t or won’t engage. It’s really up to us.

    All of this will unfold in beautiful Dubrovnik. The world heritage pearl of the Adriatic, survived and thrived through centuries of political and military turbulences maintaining its independence as a powerful state – Dubrovnik Republic. Centuries ago, Dubrovnik suffered natural disasters, shifts in trade and migration. It is now facing modern-time challenges. Still, the walls of Dubrovnik stand gracefully and solid over the sea. With an average of 12 sunshine hours a day and 22°C in June, our host city promises a warm welcome and bright outlook to the future.

    Match your expectations, fears and ambition for the coming years or months with both academic researchers, trend watchers, captains of industry and colleagues. This conference will contribute to everybody’s future!

    Welcome to ECM International Conference in Dubrovnik!

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