“Power of Community” – Webinar #1: Hello 2021, is it you we’ve been waiting for?

    “Power of Community” – Webinar #1: Hello 2021, is it you we’ve been waiting for?

    Webinar #1: Hello 2021, is it you we’ve been waiting for?


    On Wednesday February 24 at 2PM (CET), we will host the first webinar as part of the “Power of Community” communication series.

    For a while, the year of 2021 has felt like one of hope and the long-awaited return of travel. Yet already now – only 1.5 months into the new year, the pandemic confronts us with a new deck of challenges, despite the promise of vaccines being distributed. Are we naive to be optimistic about the return of tourism in 2021? Can we welcome back visitors and still curb the pandemic? Amid the peaks and falls, stop and go of COVID, how can destinations adapt, respond and think ahead? – and to what exactly?

    Join us for this 1-hour webinar where we will go into the epic battle of 2021 – the versus or consensus – covid vs vaccine, reopening vs reclosing, optimism vs pessimism.

    Please note that this webinar is available to ECM members only.

    To help us find out if it is versus or consensus, we will be joined by expert speakers who will share their views, data and perspectives on 2021 and the time ahead.

    • Justin Reid, Director of Destination Marketing, Europe, Middle East & Africa at TripAdvisor
      Justin will join us to share his perspective on 2021 and why he feels optimistic about the return of travel. Yet, what will travel look like, once it returns and how is the world’s largest travel platform preparing and adapting to these new traveller preferences and helping destinations do the same?
    • Olivier Henry-Biabaud, Founder and CEO at TCI Research / TRAVELSAT
      Olivier knows how people feel about travelling and what will impact – for better and for worse – their traveller confidence in the coming months. With a sharp decline in sentiment to start off the year, Olivier will share why he is still hopeful for the remainder of 2021 and why destinations need to keep a close eye on sentiment – abroad and at home.
    • Rasmus Bech Hansen, Co-founder and CEO at Airfinity Ltd.
      A lot of hopeful 2021 outlooks are centered on the global roll-out of vaccines and the ensuing boost of travel confidence. Airfinity has mapped out global vaccine production and efficacy – that makes them world leading forecasters on all things COVID, delivering data to airlines, IMF, and many more. Rasmus will join us to shed light on the vaccination race across the world and share whether or not he believes 2021 can truly deliver on its initial promise of herd immunity and safe travels.