“Power of Community” – Webinar #2: Jeopardizing our Destinations

    “Power of Community” – Webinar #2: Jeopardizing our Destinations

    Webinar #2: Jeopardizing our Destinations


    On Wednesday May 5 at 2PM (CET), we will host the second webinar as part of the “Power of Community” communication series.

    Join us for a dynamic hour of exploring the key barriers jeopardizing destinations’ sustainable progress, and the catalysts pushing us forward. Guy Bigwood, Chief Changemaker of Global Destination Sustainability Movement, will start off our discussion by sharing the overall findings and results of the 2020 Global Destination Sustainability Index.
    Then we’ll move on to a quick round of jeopardy answers and questions (to get our roundtable panelists warmed up), followed by a discussion with four city destinations, each on different steps or paths of their sustainable journey, yet also with shared challenges along the way.

    This webinar will feature four destinations represented by:

    • Jaume Mata, Head of Sustainable Tourism, Visit Valencia
    • Rachael McGuickin, Director of Business Development, Visit Belfast
    • Adrien Genier, CEO, Geneva Tourism & Congress
    • Luisa Mentz, Senior Project Manager, Sustainability, Visit Berlin

    Please note that this webinar is available to ECM and GDSM members only.