ECM Summer School 2.0 @ Online
Aug 24 – Aug 26 all-day
ECM Summer School 2.0 @ Online | Λιμάνι | Greece



For 33 years, the ECM Summer School has been a flagship event in the Meetings Industry. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year will break from the tradition and we will not meet physically.
But we also know that krisis in ancient Greek means also new decisions and new opportunities…. Therefore, we have set up in a few weeks a new version dedicated to advanced Meetings Industry professionals including the Summer School alumni, called ECM Summer School 2.0.



This special edition is tailored for professionals of the industry working in convention bureaux, hotels, PCOs, DMCs, airlines, conference venues, congress centres, convention centres, exhibition centres, suppliers of ancillary and other products



It is our strong will to give you the unique opportunity to interact at a more strategic level with experts of the industry and learn from each other. We aim to bring the industry closer, share perspectives and strengthen networks in those challenging times when collaboration is key.

Spread onto three days, sessions of 2 hours will be provided to discuss the unprecedented situation we are currently living in. After focused presentations and perspectives, our experts will dive deeper with you into their field of expertise during a live discussion. You’ll also have the opportunity to exchange best practices and converse with the faculty members and your fellow European peers during breakout sessions.

Three sessions dedicated to:

  • Strategic outlooks for the Meetings Industry
  • Understanding the world of clients and suppliers
  • Moving towards a smart recovery


Join us and develop a network with new colleagues & peers from all over Europe & the world!

Should you have any additional questions, please contact ECM Head Office.


16th TourMIS Users’ Workshop & International Seminar 2020, Vienna @ Modul University
Sep 10 – Sep 11 all-day
16th TourMIS Users' Workshop & International Seminar 2020, Vienna @ Modul University | Wien | Wien | Austria

MODUL University Vienna will host two major events regarding tourism on September 10-11, 2020: 16th TourMIS Users’ Workshop and International Seminar.

Both events are directed toward managers, academics, as well as consultants and representatives of governments and international organizations dealing with tourism. Participants are invited to register for both days or can choose to participate in just one event.

Registrations are open until July 31st.

Check the 2019 edition’s programme:

The 16th TourMIS Users’ Workshop and International Seminar is organised by the European Cities Marketing, the European Travel Commission & MODUL University Vienna.

7th TIC Expert Meeting 2020 – Digital
Oct 1 – Oct 2 all-day
7th TIC Expert Meeting 2020 - Digital @ Ghent | Flanders | Belgium


Join us for the 7th ECM TIC Expert Meeting.

European Cities Marketing, through its TIC Knowledge Group, organises every year an Expert Meeting for Tourist Information Centres managers and staff exclusively, whether they are ECM members or not.

This event will provide you with a unique opportunity:

  • to meet and network with colleagues working in Tourist Information Centres all across Europe,
  • to share knowledge and best practice with other destinations to stay ahead of the latest market’s trends,
  • and to grow your business as well as strengthen your professional expertise.

The TIC Expert Meeting offers a mix of incentive and exchange opportunities for all attendees. This is why the diversity of participants is of great importance. This event is for managers and TIC front office professionals coming from small and large cities and working for either public or private tourist information organisations – whether they are ECM members or not.


The aim of the meeting is of course to get to know your European colleagues, to share knowledge with them but most of all, we want you to have fun and leave full of inspiration and with a bunch of new friends.


We are looking forward to welcoming you for this seventh edition!

9th City Cards Expert Meeting 2020 – Digital
Oct 29 – Oct 30 all-day
9th City Cards Expert Meeting 2020 - Digital @ Zürich | Zürich | Switzerland


Join us for the 9th ECM City Cards Expert Meeting. 

Our broad approach will include presentations and discussions on latest product developments, successful partnerships, innovating marketing strategies and much more.

  • to meet and network with European colleagues managing city cards schemes,
  • to share knowledge and insights to stay ahead of the latest market trends & anticipate customers’ needs,
  • and to grow your business as well as strengthen your professional expertise.

This event is open to ECM members only, specifically to tourism professionals working on city cards schemes (Product Managers, Project Leaders, Marketing Managers…) who are looking to improve – but also share – their knowledge with other participants.



  • The participants’ city must be an existing ECM member and already be running a city card scheme.
  • Participants themselves must be directly working on or managing an established city card scheme.

For more information about the City Cards Project, please contact ECM Head Office.