Do not miss ECM new series of knowledge sharing, of best and next practice, of recovery planning and of celebrating the ECM community heroes. It’s about how we can use ECM community to build collaborative advantage by sharing, learning, meeting – and through that growing both as a community and as individual destinations and destination leaders.
Power of Community is for ECM members and by ECM members and we fully leverage the power of this community together.

ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2022, Hamburg @ Le Meridien
Mar 30 – Apr 2 all-day
ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2022, Hamburg @ Le Meridien


The next ECM International Conference & General Assembly will take place in-person in Hamburg on March 30 – April 2, 2022. Digitalisation is here to stay, but, in this increasing virtual world, we need to meet physically to work together and get inspiration.

”Face-to-face meetings are extremely important. This has been impressively confirmed by the pandemic. ECM is one of the most inspiring networks in this industry to exchange trends, leadership, inspiration and knowledge transfer. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the entire ECM family to Hamburg for the International Conference & General Assembly 2022. We will use the opportunity to convey the special Hamburg spirit.” Michael Otremba, CEO Hamburg Tourismus.

11th City Cards Expert Meeting 2022, Genoa
Jun 2 – Jun 3 all-day
11th City Cards Expert Meeting 2022, Genoa @ Zürich | Zürich | Switzerland


Join us for the 11th ECM City Cards Expert Meeting that will be held in Genoa on June 2-3, 2022.

Our broad approach will include presentations and discussions on latest product developments, successful partnerships, innovating marketing strategies and much more.

Our lunch-to-lunch event provides you with a unique opportunity:

  • to meet and network with European colleagues managing city cards schemes,
  • to share knowledge and insights to stay ahead of the latest market trends & anticipate customers’ needs,
  • and to grow your business as well as strengthen your professional expertise.

This event is open to ECM members only, specifically to tourism professionals working on city cards schemes (Product Managers, Project Leaders, Marketing Managers…) who are looking to improve – but also share – their knowledge with other participants.



  • The participants’ city must be an existing ECM member and already be running a city card scheme.
  • Participants themselves must be directly working on or managing an established city card scheme.
  • For City Cards Project 2022 members, participation is free for the first delegate. Extra delegates will be charged a participation fee, with a maximum of 2 delegates per city in total.
  • For ECM members who are not part of the City Cards Project 2022, the attendance is limited to 1 person per city with a participation fee.


For more information about the City Cards Project, please contact ECM Head Office.

City Fair 2022, Online
Jun 9 all-day
City Fair 2022, Online

City Fair is the mid-season opportunity to lay the foundations for future sales and product development. Selected travel buyers, product developers and destination managers meet with destination, product and service providers from throuhgout Europe in a full day of B2B online meetings.

City Fair 2022 will be timed after the spring of recovery, the workshop will once again be online in order to maximise return on investment opportunities for tourism businesses and maximising the networking as wide a selection of operators as possible.

36th ECM Summer School 2022, Turin
Aug 27 – Aug 31 all-day
36th ECM Summer School 2022, Turin @ Λιμάνι | Greece


The 36th ECM Summer School will be held in Turin on August 27-31, 2022. Stay tuned for more information!


17th TourMIS Users’ Workshop & International Seminar 2021, Vienna @ Modul University
Sep 8 – Sep 9 all-day
17th TourMIS Users' Workshop & International Seminar 2021, Vienna @ Modul University | Wien | Wien | Austria


The 17th TourMIS Users’ Workshop and International Seminar is organised by European Cities Marketing, the European Travel CommissionMODUL University Vienna & UNWTO and is aimed at city, regional, national, and international tourism organizations, as well as universities and companies from the hospitality and tourism industry.

It is directed toward managers, academics, as well as consultants and representatives of governments and international organizations dealing with tourism. Participants are invited to register for both days or can choose to participate in just one event.

More information soon!

9th TIC Expert Meeting 2022, Gothenburg
Nov 24 – Nov 25 all-day
9th TIC Expert Meeting 2022, Gothenburg


Join us for the 9th ECM TIC Expert Meeting that will be held in Gothenburg on November 24-25, 2022.


European Cities Marketing, through its TIC Knowledge Group, organises every year an Expert Meeting for Tourist Information Centres managers and staff exclusively, whether they are ECM members or not.

This event will provide you with a unique opportunity:

  • to meet and network with colleagues working in Tourist Information Centres all across Europe,
  • to share knowledge and best practice with other destinations to stay ahead of the latest market’s trends,
  • and to grow your business as well as strengthen your professional expertise.

The TIC Expert Meeting offers a mix of incentive and exchange opportunities for all attendees. This is why the diversity of participants is of great importance. This event is for managers and TIC front office professionals coming from small and large cities and working for either public or private tourist information organisations – whether they are ECM members or not.


Please note:

  • The attendance is limited to 90 persons, with a maximum of 2 delegates per city!
  • Lunches and dinner included
  • Your participation fee does not cover accommodation or transport

The aim of the meeting is of course to get to know your European colleagues, to share knowledge with them but most of all, we want you to have fun and leave full of inspiration and with a bunch of new friends.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for this ninth edition!