ECM City Marketing A-Level Masterclass 2020, Poznań @ IBB Andersia Hotel Poznań Centrum
Jun 9 all-day
ECM City Marketing A-Level Masterclass 2020, Poznań @ IBB Andersia Hotel Poznań Centrum | Amsterdam | North Holland | Netherlands

Everywhere in Europe, DMOs are finding themselves in a position where tourism is less and less seen as one of the markets in which cities operate. As a result, many DMOs are being reorganised, reconsidered and repositioned – but oftentimes the agreement stops at the need for change and transition. In which direction DMOs need to go is a whole different discussion. With or without the DMOs, there’s a clear need for a more holistic and integral approach to the promotion, marketing and branding of cities. This requires state-of-the-art knowledge of both theory and practice – and that is exactly what this A-level masterclass provides.

Following successful masterclasses editions in Brussels, Amsterdam, Ljubljana and Antwerp, the City Marketing Knowledge Group has decided to offer all ECM-members the opportunity of participating in state-of-the-art masterclasses that address the above mentioned challenges.

What you’ll learn

  • What the differences are between place promotion, place marketing and place branding
  • Why these differences matter in practice and how to take an integrated approach
  • Why place marketing and place branding doesn’t work without place management
  • What this means for your organisation and the governance of your city
  • How to approach the transition beyond the DMO
  • How other places are dealing with this challenge


The masterclass will include a little homework, two case-studies and have ample room for interaction amongst the participants.


Our one-day event provides you with a unique opportunity:

  • to meet and network with European colleagues working in DMOs and municipalities,
  • to share knowledge and insights to stay ahead of the latest city marketing & branding trends,
  • and to grow your skills as well as strengthen your professional expertise.


  • The participants’ city must be an existing ECM member
  • Attendance is limited to 30 participants, with a maximum of 2 delegates per city.
  • Lunch on June 9 as well as coffee breaks are included.
  • Your participation fee does not cover accommodation or transport.


B-Level Masterclass

Participants that have done the A-Level Masterclass will be eligible to participate in the B-Level Masterclass.

ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2020, Poznań @ IBB Andersia Hotel Poznań Centrum
Jun 10 – Jun 13 all-day
ECM International Conference & General Assembly 2020, Poznań @ IBB Andersia Hotel Poznań Centrum | Ljubljana | Slovenia



FIRST, A PROPOSITION FOR YOU: Perhaps it is time we, as destinations, stop referring to certain groups of tourists as the cultural tourists as opposed to other groups of tourists. Maybe it is time to stop talking of culture as the fun side-event, as the offering outside meeting rooms or even as something that should be experienced in museums or art exhibitions.

As destinations, we should know better; culture is bigger than tourism. We know that tourists, whether for business or leisure, are not attracted by a simple offering of hotel room availability. What really matters is the luring promise of a distinct experience, of something that differs from the familiar and everyday. It is the mosaic of cultural narratives, ideas, promises, performances, arts and politics that empower our destinations with cultural attraction.

Culture is what tips the choice between one destination or another. It’s what shapes cities and destinations, forms urban identity and enforces reputative quality. Culture is our competitive advantage and the basis of a city’s global position of influence and power. From countries as the focus of Joseph Nye’s original concept of soft power, describing a country’s ability to influence others through persuasion, ideas and cultural attraction, to cities in focus as the core urban hubs of soft power through concentration of culture. A concentration, which in turn shapes distinct urban identity and stages the urban experience.

Culture in all its aspects is what gives your city a hard punch! Airports, cruise terminals, high rises and amusement parks may be the hardware to frame it, but culture fills it with experiential matter and meaning. Intangible by nature, the culture of a city can be manifested by empowering the city’s cultural scene, the arts, the innovative and creative communities.

So, this is your personal invitation to ECM Summer Conference in Poznan 2020, where we will unfold the soft power of cities as a hard core competitive factor in creating unique visitor experiences, in generating value beyond the city’s hardware, in creating legacy and building global influence, in sustaining community and collective identity.

We will take on the potential and challenge of the mutual relation between culture and tourism. We will seek inspiration and ideas when speakers of leading museums, global brands and experience economy experts share their take on why culture is more than an optional and time-limited amusement. Be prepared as we discuss how conventions are powerful levers of cultural influence and how cultural heritage will – or will not – make your business.

Join us for serious business and serious fun, as we meet in Poznan, a mix of historical and modern culture, where academia meets technology, industry, art and education. Poznan is the historical capital of the Greater Poland region, a welcoming city waiting to leave its cultural soft power mark on YOU as a very special guest.