ECM and TCI Research team up to map cultural e-reputation trends and reveal cultural champion Cities in Europe!

Photo by Iván Rivero from Pexels

European Cities Marketing in collaboration with TCI Research released the first City Sentiment Index report for its members. Using a social listening analytic protocol specially designed for ECM, TCI Research analysts consolidated reputation insights, converting 1+ million of content crunched from all social platforms into actionable KPIs and inspiring insights for cities. The partnership with ECM will enable destinations across Europe to monitor the reputation pulse of cities and understand what drive their reputation.

Street-art, design, festivals, cinema events, virtual reality, anniversary celebrations, pop-up events blending culture, food and nature, major classic and contemporary art exhibitions besides theme museum celebrating local culture from fashion talents to aviation pioneers… The first City Sentiment Index Report reveals the incredible diversity of cultural experiences and emotions generated by European cities, perceptible through social web conversations.

Beyond emerging trends illustrating the European cultural DNAs, the report also spotlights all-size cities who have benefitted from particularly large and positive culture-related sentiment during the period, driven by unique experiences, events, emotions, brands and ambassadors influencing destinations’ cultural reputation.


Methodological note: the TRAVELSAT© Pulse Intensity Sentiment Index reflects the volume of culture-related content shared per city in social web conversations (average European Cities = 100). The Positiveness Index measures the share of positive posts in total culture-related mentions per city. TRAVELSAT© Pulse is an innovative Social Listening solution for destinations powered by the UNWTO-Awarded Agency TCI Research. A semantic analysis customized for ECM cities is applied, consolidating into actionable KPIs millions of content of 200+ cities crunched from all social platforms (Blogs, Micro-media, Forums, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, online news…).

Looking at reputation drivers behind the numbers, the report also spots important trends such as:

  • The great impact from niche-centric events gathering people sharing the same passion;
  • The increasing influence of the cinema as driver of the European culture;
  • The architecture acting as highly influencing visual driver in the context of an urban trip experience;
  • The positive impact of cultural “labels” such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site,
  • The critical role of public/private partnership jointly promoting culture;
  • … and potential negative reputation generated by social protests and congestions threats in iconic cultural places;

Commenting on the report, ECM President, Dieter Hardt-Stremayr adds: “Reputation and sentiment on the social web platforms is of wide interest among ECM members and we´re very grateful to benefit from TCI Research expertise in combining advanced technology-based data with human interpretation. With the further development of this wonderful tool I do see a big chance for our cities to get inspired and benchmark against the others on this strategic reputation issue.”

All ECM members have exclusive access to the complete ECM-TCI Research City Sentiment Index report with all the graphs and analysis.




*European Cities Marketing is a non-profit organisation improving the competitiveness and performance of leading cities of Europe by providing a platform for convention, leisure and city marketing professionals to exchange knowledge, best practice and widen their network to build new business. European Cities Marketing is promoting and linking the interests of members from more than 110 major cities in 39 countries.

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*TCI Research is an independent UNWTO-Awarded Business Intelligence agency leading in international destination competitive analysis. Through its reference TRAVELSAT© research solution, it provides 100+ public and private players of the visitor economy with innovative and standard metrics combining surveys with controlled Big Data analysis focusing on the visitor experience, destination brand and reputation and resident sentiment.

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