Launch of the “Geneva Ambassador Programme”, an exchange platform set up by the Geneva Convention Bureau department of the Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation

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November 10, 2014
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December 5, 2014

Launch of the “Geneva Ambassador Programme”, an exchange platform set up by the Geneva Convention Bureau department of the Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation

On November 27th, the Geneva Convention Bureau launched its “Ambassador Programme”. The Ambassador Programme is a planned set of activities, tools and support services designed by local meetings professionals aimed at assisting Ambassadors to attract meetings to a city or a country.

The Ambassador Programme’s goals are to promote the Convention Bureau’s services, find local support, bid and win additional congresses, encourage the organization of congresses, create synergies between the members and thank them.

An Ambassador must have one or several of the following qualities: be an expert in his field, having already made and supported a bid for Geneva in the last 2 years and be ready to motivate their peers to organize a congress in Geneva. We ask them to support us when we bid for a congress in their field, propose future members, offer in-house training during site inspections, a dinner, etc. and propose ideas of new congresses. Ambassadors can come from a variety of Geneva institutions such as University, HUG, CERN, State of Geneva, Chamber of Commerce, international organisations, Palexpo, CICG, hotels, venues, Aeroport de Genève, companies, etc.

A long term win-win transaction
The benefits for the Ambassadors are to be part of an “exclusive” club and be able to exchange ideas and experiences with other experts; develop their knowledge on the way of organizing a congress; develop their career; gain recognition from their peers; enhance the reputation of their area of expertise and their institution (university, research institute, etc.) and generate positive effects for the destination.

The benefits for the Convention Bureau are to have local expertise to support a bid, attract more congresses in Geneva, make Geneva known worldwide as a business destination, better know the local economic structure, better know the possible supports and create synergies between the various existing clusters of Geneva.

The launch was the 27th of November at the Geneva Town Hall. The Geneva government was represented by Mr. François Longchamp, President of the Council of State, who delivered a speech.

Upcoming events
The next Ambassador Programme’s events:

  • Ambassador Dinner (already established), during which we will present 3 awards (new)
  • Sponsoring of the “Pro Am de la Médecine Julien Clément” golf tournament (already established)
  • Two days of workshop for the Ambassadors

Ambassadors’ list on the 27th of November 2014

  • Prof. Stylianos Antonarakis
  • Prof. Daniel Ariztegui
  • Prof. Dominique C. Belli
  • Dr. Frédérick Bordry
  • Sven Bossu
  • Prof. François Ferrero
  • Prof. Jean-Michel Gaspoz
  • Prof. Beat Imhof
  • Daniel Loeffler
  • Prof. Rossana Martini
  • Prof. Philippe Morel
  • Prof. Jacques Philippe
  • Prof. Didier Pittet
  • Prof. Peter Rimensberger
  • Dr. Arnaud Saj
  • Dr. Elias Samankassou
  • Prof. Jacques Schrenzel
  • Prof. Thomas Seghezzi
  • Prof. Frédéric Triponez

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